#223: Standard Setup πŸ› πŸ’­


Everyone does their iOS development a little bit differently. Today we'll take a look at one developer's example "default" depdency setup and describe the choices within. Let's get started.

Who? It's me, Jake Marsh! I write this thing.

I use Moya for all of my network requests. It's a fantastic tool that allows you to abstract your requests away using Swift enum cases. Associated values are used to pass in params. Love the convention this offers, feels like Swift on Rails. Moya was covered in Bite #150.

For my JSON decoding I like Decodable at the moment, it again offers a nice convention of "define a type, define its deserialization below". I also like how it uses native Swift errors combined with Optionals to gracefully fallback when deserializing. Decodable was covered in Bite #86.

I use HanekeSwift for image downloading/caching, it's fast and lightweight. I use RxSwift (Bite #162) for reactive things. I prefer its API over Reactive Cocoa (Bite #127). Both are great. Use what you like.

Who's standard setup do you want to see? Send it in: